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Class Of 2015: Ghost

A growing (cult) concern across the globe thanks to fans like Grohl, Hetfield and Anselmo, it’s confession time for the high priests of progressive Swedish doom.

A figure dressed in black clerical robes stands on stage illuminated by a single spotlight, his features contorted into a mocking grin. “Oslo, you are not idiots, are you?” he teases, addressing the 20,000-strong audience gathered before him in the darkness. “I think you are not idiots. So you can follow my words, right?”

As the silver-masked, black-garbed band behind him strike up a dense, distorted, circular riff, Papa Emeritus III begins to sing in a rich, mellifluous baritone.
‘Come together,’ he intones. ‘Together as one. Come together. For Lucifer’s son.’


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