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Class Of 2015: The Cadillac Three & Graveltones

Two bands, five musicians, one vision: keep it simple, keep it raw and keep it real rock’n’roll.

“This is what happens when two little bands come together to make one great big one,” roars Jaren Johnston, the boisterous guitarist and frontman with The Cadillac Three, from the stage of the Lexington in London. Not that there’s anyone to hear him. It’s 10am on a Saturday morning and Classic Rock has brought his band, together with their old friends The Graveltones, here for a behind-closed-doors photo session and a quick jam in a showdown that we’re billing as The Garage Rockers versus The Shitkickers.

Geographical disparities notwithstanding – The Cadillac Three come from Nashville, The Graveltones are two Aussies now living in London – the two bands are already very well acquainted, having toured together in the past.

Everyone is enjoying the reunion. As our photographer barks out his instructions, telling the guitarist to sit on the floor in front of the stage, Johnston cracks up the room by announcing: “I hope you’ve got a good view of my balls.”

The feeble attempt at humour is forgivable. It’s been quite a while since TC3 last enjoyed anything approaching a decent night’s sleep.


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