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Q&A: Tony Banks

Genesis’s keyboard player on classical composing, being married to Mike Rutherford and wearing a snorkel on stage.

There’s something reliable and unchanging about Genesis keyboard player Tony Banks. He’s like the keeper of the Genesis flame. Banks may have co-written such stadium pop hits as Turn It On Again and Invisible Touch, but you suspect he’s the one band member who’d throw in some extra arpeggios or a five-minute piano solo given half a chance. “I like our hits… but I did love Genesis’s prog era,” he admits.

A Chord Too Far is a four-disc box set of Banks’s solo work that covers all bases: from film soundtracks to prog rock, synth pop, big ballads and, most recently, classical music. And it has clearly been a labour of love. “A lot of people might not have heard this stuff before,” he shrugs. “But I’m very proud of it.”


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