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Ramblin' Man Preview: Gregg Allman

The Ramblin’ Man headliner will turn up with an eight-piece band and “a real solid set-list with something for everyone”.

Gregg Allman has better credentials than just about anybody else to close the inaugural Ramblin’ Man Fair. Revered for his soulful vocals and Hammond B-3 organ work, Allman co-founded the the Allman Brothers Band and has also been a solo artist since 1973. His solo shows in the UK in 2007 and 2011 stand in stark contrast to the recently dissolved Allman Brothers Band.

The Ramblin’ Man Fair is named after a song on the Allman Brothers 1973 album Brothers And Sisters. That must give you a warm feeling?

Maybe ‘ironic’ would be a better word, since I didn’t write that song [it was by guitarist Dickie Betts]. But I’m truly excited to be going back to the UK.

Tickets for Ramblin' Man are on sale now


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