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TR+ extended interview – class of 2015: rival sons

They're at the forefront of the rock revival. Here, frontman Jay Buchanan talks about fame, (lack of) fortune and what's next…

No stopping them. So ran our cover line last June, when an insolent and immaculately coiffed Jay Buchanan and Scott Holiday stared out from Issue #199. We were right, too.

In the four years since Rival Sons pricked up our ears with_ Pressure & Time_, the Californians have broken into the kind of imperious hot streak that modern bands rarely muster, raising the stakes with 2012’s Head Down, then burning off the few remaining dullards who viewed them as a knock-off Led Zeppelin with last summer’s Great Western Valkyrie. Right now, as Buchanan tells us, they intend to keep on swinging. “I feel like we’re just hitting that stride,” says the singer. “I think we’re capable of improving ourselves, without losing the blood and guts and grease…”


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