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Tracks Of The Week

Picking out the gleaming diamonds from the noisy rust

Join us as we make our weekly trip to rock's pick 'n' mix with a sweet tooth and the deepest of bags.

RADKEY – Love Spills
Radkey is the surname (plus a ‘y’) of the three brothers that make up these garage rockers from St. Joseph, Missouri. There’s something very old-worldy about this chugging, bluesy, rocky track that could well be an ode to, well – use your imagination. A simple and straightforward song, but one that’s all the better for it. 

NINE MILES SOUTH – The Reckoning
These country and blues-inspired rockers might be from the UK, but this song – and its moody accompanying video – are straight from the heart of America. Cue a dusty, yearning start full of slide guitars and desert riffs that builds into a full-on blues explosion of epic, head-shaking proportions. Don’t forget your bandana.    

METAL ALLEGIANCE – Can't Kill The Devil
Listing all the members of heavy metal supergroup Metal Allegiance would take all day, but this track from their self-titled debut album features Chuck Billy from Testament on vocals and Machine Head guitarist Phil Demmel. Unsurprisingly, then, it’s a dose of heavy metal mayhem which builds on the heritage of those playing to create something brand new and vital.

**POP EVIL – Disarray
**The stark, black and white animation of this video, taken from the band’s fourth album Up, truly brings the slightly psychedelic hard rocking tune to life. Offering up a slightly heavier, grungier sound than usual, singer Leigh Kakaty growls and drawls with pure disaffection and despondency, while the music rages and riffs against the dying of the light.

**PUP – Dark Days
**Toronto’s PUP have been touring tirelessly since before their acclaimed self-titled full-length was released – first in Canada in October 2013, and then the rest of world the following April. This animated video documents that crazy journey – from playing empty halls to sold out gigs, with plenty of vomit along the way – with as much heart as the song it soundtracks. 

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