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Bullet For My Valentine: Fang Warfare

Two years on from the momentum-shaking clanger of Temper Temper, Bullet For My Valentine are back with a new lineup, a new album and some newly rediscovered attitude.

No other British metal band since Maiden have come close to the explosive rise experienced by Bullet For My Valentine.

Whatever you may think of them, the fact is that, after that first, self-titled EP set the UK underground ablaze 11 years ago, Bullet became, quite frankly, fucking unstoppable. Cynics who sneered at the ‘Next Metallica!’-isms splattered all over the rock press’s pages looked on in horror as the Welsh foursome shot up festival bills, blazed through charts and headlined venues most metal bands wouldn’t even bother dreaming of. The Mean Fiddler became The Astoria. The Astoria became Brixton. Brixton became Wembley. World domination wasn’t so much imminent as already in the bag. Their fans adored them. Their haters couldn’t touch them. Nothing could derail them.

That all changed two years ago.


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