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Ghost: Out Of The Shadows

Poised to release their third album, Ghost have returned from their unholy slumber to reveal how their conversion mission is progressing – and when their end times might come...

Surely this can’t be right. Hammer is awaiting an audience with a Nameless Ghoul from the Swedish Devil-worshipping cult of Ghost, half-expecting to be blindfolded and ridden to the ruins of a deconsecrated church for a clandestine rendezvous with the masked and robed envoys of Satan.

Yet we’re in the executive lounge of a Kensington hotel, and there’s an extremely polite, alarmingly youthful-looking short-haired man in a leather jacket being introduced as “the author of Ghost”. Hammer experiences some cognitive dissonance, imagining that this is a hoax, that Ghost are slyly pretending to have human faces and interpersonal skills to divert attention from the true nature of their esoteric origins or seduce us into foul practices. The only visible clue to this young man’s role as Ghost mouthpiece is the symmetrically matching pair of skull-and-crossbones patches on his leather sleeves. Yet when he starts talking about Ghost’s third album, the majestic Meliora, it’s clear this guy knows what he’s talking about.


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