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Houses Of The Unholy: Alex Lee, Holy Grail

He’s a true metal warrior, but when Holy Grail shredder Alex Lee puts down the guitar, he picks up the... yo-yo?!

So, you’re a straight-up yo-yo ninja. How’d that happen?

“I got into it when the yo-yo guy showed up at my school and blew everybody’s mind with this insane yo-yo show. I messed around on and off for a few years and then in high school I went to the mall and snagged a glow-in-the-dark Duncan for $4. I still have it. When I started going on tour, I began taking a yo-yo with me, even though at the time I didn’t know what I was doing with it. Then I found this one yo-yo performer on YouTube who got something like two million views, and that totally blew me away! I started out watching a bunch of videos on YouTube and learning a few basic tricks and from there, it was pretty much on.”


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