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Subterranea: Myrkur

Having caused an online storm with her debut EP, Myrkur’s tempestuous new album looks set to redefine the folk-black metal alliance.

It’s hard to believe that it was only last year that the Danish one-woman project known as Myrkur first emerged into the cold glare of public scrutiny.

With a compelling blend of raw, Norwegian-inspired black metal, stirring folk elements and ethereal choral passages, the self-titled debut EP (released, notably, by sizeable US label Relapse Records, an impressive achievement for an outfit with no previous black metal releases) immediately provoked a wide variety of emotional responses, from unbridled elation to outright horror. Such a polarising of opinion seems to have come down to a number of factors judging by the comments online; differing musical opinions regarding the primitive and lo-fi nature of some of the recordings, the project’s status as a one-woman operation (an exciting novelty for some, a definite turn-off for others) and a perception in some quarters that the project, having achieved a degree of success after appearing from nowhere, had not ‘paid its dues’.


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