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Savatage: Another Chapter In The Play

Despite pioneering progressive metal, Savatage never experienced major success and were eventually engulfed by their holiday spin-off, Trans-Siberian Orchestra. Now they're back!

In the 1980s and 1990s, Tampa’s Morrisound Recording was the extreme metal equivalent of Memphis’ Sun Studio or Motown’s Hitsville USA, a near‑mythic locale where some of the genre’s most notable releases were tracked. After regional acts such as Deicide, Morbid Angel and Obituary helped to put the studio on the map, groups from around the world flocked to the facility, including Napalm Death, Sepultura and Cannibal Corpse, the latter even relocating to Florida from Buffalo because of the thriving local scene Morrisound helped to spawn. It was there where Cynic recorded the prog-metal landmark Focus, as well as where Chuck Schuldiner recorded most of Death’s celebrated catalogue.


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