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50 Years Of Floyd: David Gilmour - Exclusive Interview

The Past, The Present, The Future

He may be back with a great new solo album and a tour, but David Gilmour says pigs will have to fly before he returns under the name of Pink Floyd.

Tucked away on the river bank in Hampton is an exotic houseboat called The Astoria. Charlie Chaplin spent a night on board in 1921, and remembered it as “rather an elaborate affair with mahogany panelling and state rooms for the guests. It was lit up with festoons of coloured lights.”

In 1986 its upper-crust owner was approached by three stubbley individuals wearing T-shirts and was surprised – though delighted – when “one of these yobbos offered to buy it for cash”. At which point the next stage of this sumptuous craft’s life began with the installation of a recording studio.


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