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50 Years Of Pink Floyd: Floyd's Absent Album, 1975

Nobody home

Wish You Were Here was made by a band that wished they were somewhere else. So for the sleeve, designers Hipgnosis created images that reflected the mood of absence and uncertainty.

They were not entirely together as a band,” recalled Storm Thorgerson, Pink Floyd’s album designer, talking about when he watched the band recording Wish You Were Here in 1975. “I heard a lot of the music. I was there all the time as the Abbey Road studio was very near to my house. They did a lot of talking to try and work out what was going on. Roger, who was usually quite clear about things, didn’t have a clue either. It took a long time to find the theme.”

According to Thorgerson, who died in 2013, the key word was ‘absence’. “An absence of Syd Barrett, and to some extent an absence of commitment from the band themselves,” he explained. “Having been extremely successful with Dark Side Of The Moon there might have been a great temptation not to go to work. If it wasn’t for the fact that Roger was the driver and the motivator they might not have gone back to work.”


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