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50 Years Of Pink Floyd: The Wall Then And Now

Brick by brick?

In 1980, Pink Floyd’s de-facto leader Roger Waters redefined the concept of a rock show, in an experiment that threatened his solvency, tested his sanity and ultimately split the band. But that didn’t stop him rebuilding The Wall in 2010, exorcising his personal demons in the process.

Bricks. Hundreds of them. Spanning the stage. Scraping the rafters. It’s February 7, 1980, and the Los Angeles Memorial Sports Arena has never seen anything quite like the debut performance of Pink Floyd’s The Wall. During the first part of the show, a blockade has been built between us and them. Now, 45 minutes later, a one-brick hole remains, where Roger Waters stands, picked out by spotlights, singing the eerie, valedictory Goodbye Cruel World. As he delivers the kiss-off, ‘Goodbye’, a final brick flips into position and he is entombed. Blackout. House lights up. End of Act One.


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