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Live preview: FFS

Arch art-rockers Franz Ferdinand and Sparks tell everyone to Piss Off. In a glam-pop way.

Two bands, one album, one tour. Vocalist Russell Mael explains why Sparks’ mash-up with Franz Ferdinand as FFS is unique.

Whose idea was this collaboration?

We first met the guys in Franz in 2004 after hearing Take Me Out [FF’s hit single of 2003], which transcended anything in the pop world in a long time. But the process of actually collaborating was delayed until two years ago, due to our schedules.

Did you have any idea of the type of record that you wanted to make?

Not really, other than that both bands are song-orientated, and that neither looks to the past.

Did getting to make it change your views of Franz Ferdinand?

We already adored their music, but playing live with them has only added to our admiration.

Classic Rock’s David Quantick loved the FFS album, saying in his review that it saw “two excellent acts goading each other on to new heights of offence, absurdity and wit”. Do you take that as a compliment? 

I can’t read David Quantick’s mind. I always assume everything is a compliment.

FFS’s UK tour ends in London on September 8.

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