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The Story Behind The Song: I'm Mandy Fly Me by 10cc

Ask different members of the band who came up with the title and you’ll get different answers. What isn’t in dispute is that the song that gave the band a huge hit became a true pop classic.

A typically enigmatic, melodic and eloquent mix of music and wordplay, I’m Mandy Fly Me gave 10cc one of their biggest hits. But, nearly four decades after they wrote it, its genesis has become a distillation of the bitterness and clash of characters that sadly defines 10cc today.

Despite an impressive run of UK Top 10 records that included the No.1 singles Rubber Bullets and I’m Not In Love, by 1976 10cc’s original line-up was on its last legs. The following year’s album, How Dare You!, would be the last by the Stockport art-rockers with Kevin Godley and Lol Creme.

With all four members contributing vocals, various instruments and song ideas and being involved in the production of their records at the group-owned Strawberry Studios, the band’s internal mechanism was more complicated than most. Along with Art For Art’s SakeI’m Mandy Fly Me was one of two hits from a highly inventive album conceived amid ever-growing tension. Indeed both Eric Stewart and Graham Gouldman, who would drive the band onwards for eight more years after Godley and Creme’s exit, have both claimed the idea for Mandy’s title and lyrics as their own.

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