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Crossfaith: "I can't imagine how scared he must have been..."

Knocking back Jägerbombs and claiming stages across the globe, Crossfaith had life sorted. But last summer, some bad news threatened to bring an end to their perpetual party...

Thirteen time zones away from their hometown of Osaka, Japan, Crossfaith are enjoying a rare afternoon off during the Warped Tour. “I feel like Spider-Man,” says Ken Koie with a chuckle. “We’ve been on the move nonstop, and we’ve travelled so far and moved so quickly in the past few years that it’s felt like we’re shooting webs and swinging through the air.”

Since first appearing in these pages in 2012, Crossfaith have taken their bludgeoning fusion of metalcore and electronica around the world, hitting the US, Canada, Europe, Southeast Asia and Australia with anthems such as Jägerbomb while throwing the parties to match. In fact, Ken’s sipping a cold beer right now. He describes their tour ethos as, “Pretty much: party, play, party, play, party and sometimes puke.” Yet this time last year, it looked like the party and the playing might be over. Guitarist Kazu Takemura – conspicuous today by his absence – started having serious health issues. It was, Ken says, “the worst thing to happen to us in our entire music career”.


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