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Dillinger's Greg Puciato returns with The Black Queen

Following a very public meltdown, Dillinger’s Greg Puciato took refuge in secret side-project The Black Queen. It may sound chilled, but it’s the heaviest thing he’s ever done...

In 2012, Greg Puciato vanished from social media. As one of the most outspoken figures in music, he was becoming increasingly frustrated seeing his opinions turned into headlines. Words like “distracted” and, most worryingly, “paralysed”, were bandied around in The Dillinger Escape Plan man’s explanation of why. Around the same time, he underwent a highly publicised “Total near-death experience”, as chronicled with typical honesty in his blog, after experimenting with hallucinogenic substances.

“I’ve had a lot of major stuff in my life, and that period was the transition for me from the beginning of my life to the next stage, where you have to overcome a lot of issues,” Greg tells us today, reflecting on the past four years. “I’ve had to deal with a lot of things that have been self-destructive and have hurt a lot of people without knowing it at the time…”

What he’s been doing since 2012 is The Black Queen – an ambient, electronic, more melodic project than we’re used to from him. Their debut album, Fever Daydream, is finally ready to see the light of day and has been the one recent constant in his life.


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