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Do you want to join Creeper's fright club?

From Misfits to AFI via Disneyland, dark-hearted Brits Creeper are creating a new kind of punky cult. Now they’ve come to initiate you...

Like the lovechildren of Glenn Danzig and Davey Havok, swaddled in 80s references and theatricality, Creeper are the new goth-punk kids on the block.

Their black and purple emblem features a reaper whose scythe forms half a heart, while the coastline of their Southampton hometown proudly completes it. It’s a dark vibe that’s landed them a deal with Roadrunner and a support slot with horror-punk heroes the Misfits. Their essence is neatly encapsulated in their video for Lie Awake, the first half of a two-part noir romance story. Never mind wearing their (black and purple) hearts on their sleeves, it lays all their musical influences bare, near-subliminally flashing up band posters and vinyl.


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