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Powerwolf: "Too many bands take themselves too seriously!"

Howling religious diatribe with tongues firmly in cheeks, Powerwolf have raced to the front of the power metal pack in Europe. Now they’re set to run wild in the UK...

"When we wrote our first album in 2004, and were a power metal band, it was like being a Satanist in the Vatican,” remembers Powerwolf guitarist Matthew Greywolf.

“Nobody cared about it. Power metal was far from being any kind of actual movement in the scene. It’s maybe even easier for a death metal band to get first recognition, because there’s a scene structure. In power metal, it’s much harder. You’ve got to be very lucky just to get started.”

Powerwolf didn’t just “get started”. Inside a decade, they had a Number One album in their native Germany, and now regularly play 2,000-capacity shows over there – even if they still have some ground to make up in the UK, where they will play Islington Academy in September. They may have needed some luck to get going, but their success is clearly due to more than just good fortune. A combination of a unique visual style, a religious lyrical slant that goes beyond tired tropes, and choruses more infectious than any lycanthropy, have quickly seen them rise to alphas in the power metal pack.


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