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Subterranea: Kadavar - "We feel stranded, but in a good way..."

Gathering a devoted following ever since they burst onto the retro-rock map, Berlin’s hirsute heroes Kadavar still have a point to prove.

Even if the prolific retro/occult/proto-hard rock trend has become something of a potluck dinner as of late, few acts have rocketed to the top of the pack like Berlin’s Kadavar.

Seemingly out of nowhere and on the strength of a self-titled debut initially released through a small local label, they were instantly the band to check out. And if Kadavar and the ensuing Abra Kadavar were eye-openers for young metalheads discovering their favourite style’s roots, their newest offering, Berlin, has the chops – in a fair world, songs like Last Living Dinosaur would have huge hit single potential – to allow them to step over that final gap still separating them from more mainstream audiences. And yet, still, naysayers will likely dismiss them as simple bandwagon followers or hipsters more concerned with their beards and clothes than their actual instruments.


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