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The New Testament: Burton C. Bell reckons that humans are at risk...

What once was sci-fi fantasy is increasingly our daily reality. Fear Factory’s chief tech-prophet Burton C. Bell advises vigilance and togetherness...

When Fear Factory wrote Demanufacture and Obsolete, we were writing about a future that we thought was far away, but as computer scientist Ray Kurzweil says, technology advances every year exponentially; it happens faster and faster.

A lot of inventions have been created through science fiction stories, and the scenarios of these stories are coming true. When you write sci fi, you write about what you see already, you see the seeds of it. 

When RoboCop, Terminator and Blade Runner came out, machines were already starting to take over in the workplace. Human assembly lines started becoming obsolete with machines taking over menial jobs. Today, we see machines taking over our lives – and we’re letting them. This little thing you hold in your hand is a machine; it’s your brain, it’s an extension of your mind. You’re letting it do things that you don’t let your mind do any more like remembering phone numbers. It writes for you, gives you daily reminders – simple tasks that take away your brain power.


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