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Why I Love... At The Drive-In

By Eva Spence / Rolo Tomassi

Rolo Tomassi’s resident throat-mangler salutes the inspirational power of the post-hardcore game-changers

Cedric Can Move

“Firstly, as a live band they will go down in history. Some of the footage you see online is unreal. And someone that is inspiring to me at every gig we ever play is Cedric Bixler, because he’s my favourite frontman of all time. I think his stage presence is amazing, the way that he moves onstage is really unique in heavy music. Seeing someone that didn’t just want to be this macho guy and instead dance his arse off made me think that this was something I could do. I could identify more with that than some big guy doing all this macho posturing. And his voice is incredible as well, the range and the passion combined. There is no one that can top him, in my opinion.”


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