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Hammer's Tracks Of The Week: 17/8/15 - 23/8/15

From our ears to yours...

As the autumn rapidly approaches, Hammer is excitedly circling dates in its diary thanks to all the unmissable gigs coming our way. But what has soundtracked our panicked planning?

Iniquitous Savagery – Transient States Of Metaphysical Revelation

Dom Lawson (Editor-At-Large): "Death metal isn't party music. It's about confronting the abyss and achieving catharsis, both physical and emotional, through maximum brutality. Or at least that's what I like about it. Iniquitous Savagery are the real, jaw-shattering and disorientating deal."

Creeper – The Honeymoon Suite

Merlin Alderslade (Deputy Editor): "If you've missed AFI being truly great in recent years, you need this band in your life."

Trioscapes – Digital Dream Sequence 
Alexander Milas (Editor-In-Chief):
 'Utterly eccentric prog-fu with a sax-player to boot.'

Metal Allegiance – Dying Song

Eleanor Goodman (Features Editor): "Phil Anselmo's deep vocals sound awesome on this sludgy song, which comes from one of the most badass supergroups in metal history"

Coheed & Cambria – You've Got Spirit, Kid

Luke Morton (Online Editor): "So good to have Coheed back and writing big, hooky singles instead of wandering off on tangents. The video is excellent too, and who can resist shouting 'nobody gives a fuck who you are' in unison?"

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