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High Hopes: Luna Sol

Stoner rock meets The Shining on Hermano man Dave Angstrom’s haunting new project.

You know the age-old story: rocker moves out to the Old West, buys himself a ranch, gets inspired by the world’s most famous haunted hotel and forms a band.

Okay, it’s not quite typical, but that was the brilliantly bonkers path taken by Dave Angstrom, guitarist for John Garcia-led stoner kings Hermano, when he packed up his bags and moved from his lifelong home of Kentucky to be closer to his wife’s family in Colorado back in 2012.

The shift to the snow-covered, mountain-surrounded Denver climes sparked a creative spurt in Angstrom. “I like the idea of letting the surroundings soak into the songs,” he explains. “I’m ten minutes from the mountains and driving up there you see these silver mines, and you take a left and you’re in an actual ghost town. We don’t have that in Kentucky. There we just have hillbillies.”


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