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Irn Blues: King King - Made in Scotland From Girders

How the rising blues stars swapped teenage pyromania for setting stages on fire

As a youth, Alan Nimmo used to run into the woods and burn things. It’s the first memory he mentions when asked about his Glasgow childhood.

But before we conjure up some pretty dark images, the broad, beaming Scot half-spits out a Muttley chuckle and gives an explanation: “I was a tearaway pyromaniac looking for mischief, which included trying to set fire to anything that wasn’t nailed down; or was, for that matter,”

These days the fire goes into King King, the blues rock group Nimmo founded with Lindsay Coulson in 2010, following years in other bands, including blues favourites the Nimmo Brothers with elder sibling Stevie. On stage Alan cuts a robust figure in desert boots and tartan kilt; a look that says ‘jovial pub landlord’, although his voice screams ‘soul man’ and packs the power of his heroes Paul Rodgers and Frankie Miller.

“People say: ‘You’ve this soulful voice.’ And I think: ‘Really?!’” he says, laughing. “I’m not a purist soul fan, I like guys like Bobby Bland who made the crossover from blues into that funk-soul vibe, but I think that’s because of the passion in their performance.”


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