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John Lydon: 10 Of The Best

From Public Image Ltd and beyond, the punk icon's finest post-Pistols tracks.

The former Johnny Rotten can never escape the shadow of the Sex Pistols. Which is a shame, because he’s made some incredible music since, as these post-punk anthems prove.


An uncompromising statement of intent set to dub-depth bass and chiming guitar shards that cast aside the shackles of punk. ‘You never listened to a word that I said/You only seen me for the clothes that I wear,’ Lydon goads his fellow ex-Pistols, before spitting, ‘I will not be treated as property,’ at hype-spinning swindler McLaren.

From: First Edition (1978)  


A primal howl of despair, Death Disco came as a direct result of Lydon’s dying mother asking him to write a disco song to be played at her funeral. Jah Wobble’s bass hammers down a gut-punching groove as Keith Levene’s hectoring guitar spikes quote Tchaikovsky’s Swan Lake. Harrowing yet morbidly irresistible, it defined post-punk.  

From: Death Disco (1979, single)


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