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Psych Special: The Bands You Need To Hear Right Now

The psych groups twisting our melons in 2015

There’s more to psych than nostalgia – in 2015, music is being twisted into strange new shapes. From Fuzz to Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats, these are the best bands to take a trip with…


Head-popping psych wizards from Oz.

No one does psych quite like Pond. The quartet’s work is showered with kaleidoscopic rapture, making vivid use of riff-rock, glam, pop and experimental music. That it’s all done with such breathless vigour and lawless imagination only makes it more of a wonder to behold. 

“We started off being really enamoured of the whole psychedelic rock aesthetic,” explains leader Nick Allbrook, “but then we started getting more into kosmische rock, like Can and Harmonia. Can have been an enormous influence – they’re still just as inspiring as they’ve ever been. At first we were really dedicated to this idea of a three-piece songwriting gang, then it became a ten-piece communal thing. I guess it was a case of not really putting any blocks on anything.”

Formed in Perth in 2008, Pond emerged from the same Western Australian scene that spawned Tame Impala and similarly interchangeable bands such as Mink Mussel Creek, the Dee Dee Dums and The Growl. Allbrook firmly believes that the relative isolation of Perth has been a key factor in Pond’s development. 

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