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Riverside Discuss Their Most Personal Album Yet

Trading in prog metal riffs for a sound inspired by 80s pop, Riverside’s sixth album marks a daring change in direction, which perfectly suits a record that’s all about change itself.

If you’ve ever seen Metallica’s famed documentary Some Kind Of Monster, you’d assume that creativity is a thing you have to strive for, painfully summoning ideas while sat around a table, frantically scribbling words and phrases on a whiteboard or taking a ride around your ranch in the hope that some nugget of inspiration hits the neurons and develops into that next killer album. But there’s a flipside to songwriting that comes from those born with a million mind-boggling thoughts and concepts rolling around in their psyche and desperate for an outlet. With Riverside’s Mariusz Duda, that creative urge never switches off. He’s a man on overdrive, gifted with (or some might say burdened by) an imagination and a drive to channel his creative impulses.


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