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TR+ Extended Interview – Welcome Back: Pentagram

The veteran doom rockers return. And, as singer Bobby Liebling reveals, this time they’re looking for hits.

Since forming Pentagram in 1971, Bobby Liebling has steered the cult doom pioneers through innumerable line-up changes, label hassles, missed opportunities and health traumas exacerbated by chronic drug addiction.

The 2011 documentary Last Days Here chronicled Liebling’s journey from the band’s lowest ebb, through his spiritual awakening, to sobriety and the triumphant relaunch of Pentagram, whose latest album, Curious Volume, is a classy, compelling blend of classic doom and good-time rock’n’roll.

How are you feeling today?

I’m still alive. I woke up this morning. That’s good enough.

On the new album your voice still has plenty of passion and attitude. How did you approach the vocals this time?

I went back to what I used to do, which is double-track. It’s hard. When they come out of sync you’ve gotta do ’em so many times or you end up with a Doppler effect, so I had to sing every song identically twice. To do that you need a good producer, and our engineer Mattias [Nilsson] did an incredible job with a lot of patience, because we’re a bunch of ego-maniacs. We’re all former abusers. Except our bass player Greg [Turley], thank God. So we got a lot of baggage with us.


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