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Meet The Man Behind The Biggest Metal Supergroup Ever

With 25 members from some of the biggest bands around, Metal Allegiance must be the heaviest supergroup on the planet. And they've created some villainously good music...

Two bass players and a drummer are stuck in a boat...This is surely the intro to a wince-inducing musician’s joke, right? Not quite. In fact, this colourful lede introduces the genesis of the most ambitious heavy metal collaboration of all time: the Metal Allegiance. What you need to know about Metal Allegiance is that it’s the real deal – a star-spangled band of visionaries who have written some of the most influential albums of our time. While the most successful rock and metal supergroups – such as Down, Velvet Revolver and even Killer Be Killed – formed around four or five big names caught between projects, the Metal Allegiance has convened a jaw-dropping roster of 25 of metal’s most prolific artists and together composed a double-fisted beatdown of original material that’s as ambitious as it is heavy. The lineup offers an unprecedented convergence of the vanguards of old-school thrash and their successors – members of Slayer, Anthrax, Mastodon, Lamb Of God, Testament, Hatebreed, Arch Enemy, Death Angel, Machine Head and more. And the instigator of Metal Allegiance is the least recognisable name in the lot – Mark Menghi. Sitting down with Metal Hammer, he chuckles, “Nobody knows who the hell I am. Everybody’s like, ‘Who is this asshole?’”


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