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We Spent Five Days Watching Heavy Metal Bands In Paradise

There is a place where it's always hot and sunny, and the metal never stops. Welcome to Metal Days!

The sleepy town of Tolmin in Slovenia is as idyllic and rural a holiday destination as you could imagine. With friendly locals, beautiful mountain scenery and glorious weather, it’s the perfect destination to go away for quiet relaxation… unless you picked this week. Because this week, thousands of excitable, loud and drunk metal fans have descended on Tolmin for the 12th annual MetalDays festival, formerly known as MetalCamp, for five days of music from an impressive cast list including Saxon, Behemoth, Dream Theater, Devin Townsend, Black Label Society and Cannibal Corpse, all playing up to 3.15am. And then there’s MetalDays’ USP: the manmade beach that sits on the site’s edges and promises everything from yoga and landscape painting classes to striptease and Men-In-Thongs volleyball. “This is more than just a festival,” MetalDays’ head of promotion, Bjorn von Oettingen, tells us on arrival. “It is metal on holiday. Yes, there are plenty of bands here that you can watch, but we also put much more into the festival than that. We want people to be able to come here and experience the beautiful surroundings and relax and have fun with their friends… and make new friends, too.” That sounds pretty good to us, so we squeeze into our Speedos to investigate...


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