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Asking Alexandria are back in the game

With larger-than-life frontman Danny Worsnop quitting to pursue We Are Harlot, Asking Alexandria are gambling their future on brand new singer Denis Stoff. But will their bet pay off?

Sitting at a blackjack table in the Excalibur casino, we’re killing time before meeting up with the Asking Alexandria guys for a night out in Las Vegas.

 Then, from the brightly spangled parade of passers-by, there emerges the lanky, tattooed figure of the band’s founder and lead guitarist, Ben Bruce. We ask how he’s spending the afternoon. “Trying to get drunk, mate,” he grins.

It’s still strange to see Ben without his Toxic Twin, Danny Worsnop, who left in January to focus on his 80s-influenced side-project, We Are Harlot. Danny had initially insisted that he could balance the two bands, but his rambunctious enthusiasm for his new music – not to mention the libertine delights of LA’s Sunset Strip – and a string of high-profile gigs hinted at his imminent departure. So when Ben announced the news, it was delivered with sadness rather than shock.

“It’s with a heavy heart that I must announce, yet I am sure comes as no surprise to you all, that Danny has decided to leave Asking Alexandria to pursue other musical interests,” he said, before adding a statement of defiance. “Asking Alexandria is a family made up of the most dedicated fans around the globe, and nothing and no one can hold us down.”

Now bouncing back with new singer Denis Shaforostov, better know as Denis Stoff, Asking Alexandria have spent the summer winning over new crowds on the US Warped Tour. And we’re here to find out how their next roll of the dice is working out...


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