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Hot New Band: Black Tongue

Black Tongue’s insatiable appetite for heaviness is winning them some famous friends and making serious waves.

Even given the impressively rude health of the UK underground the last few years, Hull’s Black Tongue have made one of the most ferociously heavy records of the year in debut album The Unconquerable Dark.

It’s a stunningly brutal but still catchy collection of everything that made deathcore exciting, without resorting to any cut ’n’ paste formulas, and offering a few surprises to keep everything fresh and relevant. What’s most remarkable, however, is that the band started as a bit of a joke. 

“Me and our vocalist Alex [Teyen] decided to write this song that was stupidly slow and stupidly heavy,” drummer Aaron Kitcher remembers. “It was kind of a joke. It’s still on Soundcloud now. It’s called XCrucifixX, and it was just a pisstake with straight edge lyrics… but then we decided it sounded pretty good! We’d all known each other since school, and so we decided to start the band properly.”


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