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"Our World Was Falling Apart" - Why Miss May I Got Their Rage On

When the responsibilities of home clashed with burnout on the road, Miss May I almost called time on the band. Instead, they're raging back...

Let’s face it: growing up is rubbish.

Out go endless nights of partying, disposable income and leeching off your parents; in come bills, mortgages, marriage, kids and, like, responsibility and stuff. It can be a shock to the system at the best of times, but when you’ve pledged yourself to music, living on the road and rarely being home to take control of your rapidly evolving life, reality can throw a few choice spanners in the works of anyone looking to forge a career in an already impossible industry.

For Miss May I, the last eight years have seen their ascent from plucky pretenders to legitimate contenders parallel awkwardly with the process of maturing from naive, over-eager college kids into streetwise young men. It’s no horrendous anomaly in the world of music, of course, but in the case of the Ohio quintet, the two duelling facets of their fundamental make-up – that of a band trying to make an impact on a scene awash with Next Big Things, and of five lads simply trying to find their way in the world – came to an ugly head last year, right at the cusp of what was meant to be the stepping stone that would carry them onto greatness.


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