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Subterranea: Grave Pleasures

Rising from the ashes of the raved-about Beastmilk, Grave Pleasures are bringing their post-punk apocalyptic party even closer to the precipice.

As mankind edges toward any number of self-inflicted extinction-level events, we can comfort ourselves with the knowledge that as the dust settles and the smoking rubble cools, there is a strong chance that life will continue, thanks to the indestructible nature of cockroaches... and goths.

It arrived out of the blue and may, at first, seem like an unlikely phenomenon within the metal realm, but the ongoing proliferation of bands in thrall to the bleak and brooding textures and grooves of post-punk and early gothic rock is simply one of the most perversely refreshing developments in our world in recent times. Those of us old enough to remember when bands like Joy Division, The Cure and Killing Joke redefined the nature of alternative rock music were immediately drawn into this curious revival, largely due to the emergence of Beastmilk and their 2013 album Climax: a vibrant and visceral eruption of skeletal anti-funk and scabrous clangour that also seems to have captured the imagination of a generation that didn’t experience this stuff first time around. Unfortunately, just as their reputation soared and genuine mainstream success seemed a distinct possibility, Beastmilk crumbled into dust. 


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