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The New Testament: CJ McMahon doesn't like art being censored

Oversensitive retailers took exception to the anti-religious image on Thy Art Is Murder’s new album cover. Their frontman responds...

We didn’t put a child wearing a bomb on our new album cover and think there would be no conversation stirred by it.

It’s what we wanted. The sad reality is that people of religious leanings around the world indoctrinate their children into a world of fantasy, and this is one of the more extreme cases that we have seen: parents will strap a bomb to their child in the name of their deity. We did nothing more controversial than illuminate a very unfortunate phenomenon in our world today.

We weren’t flat out asked to change it. We were just informed that certain retailers and customers might make a complaint about it, and that might raise some problems for us to deal with. It did suck that, for some time, we had to alter our vision for the album’s physical and visual representation, but we knew that, after initial release, the image would be so far across the internet that people would understand what we sought out to achieve, and the message wouldn’t be lost. 


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