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Vote for your favourite Iron Maiden album sleeve

With The Book Of Souls unleashed on a fearful populace and Eddie now a fully-fledged member of Mayan civilisation, it's time to ask: which Iron Maiden album has the best artwork?

He's killed Margaret Thatcher, he's been lobotomised, and he's burst out of at least one grave. Whatever Eddie's done, however, there's been one constant throughout his long and storied career: he's appeared on the sleeve to every Iron Maiden album.

The current issue of Classic Rock is available with 17 different cover designs to celebrate 17 of those different Iron Maiden albums. And we'd like to know your favourite Eddie artwork (not your favourite album!). Place your vote beneath the covers displayed below, and we'll put them all into some kind of enormous spreadsheet and figure out which Eddie is the most popular.  



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