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High Hopes: Radkey

The spirit of punk lives on in this sibling trio of Missouri rock upstarts.

“We all sleep in the same room still, and we’re old now!” says Radkey bassist/vocalist Isaiah Radke, laughing. He’s 20. His brothers/bandmates Dee (vocals/guitar) and Solomon (drums) are 22 and 18 respectively.

Off stage, prior to their gig in east London, they appear their age – their rider includes Haribo Monsters and a plate of pepper and carrot sticks (“Yeah, our mom ordered that,” Isaiah fondly rolls his eyes). Conversely, their groovy explosion of hard rock and punk evokes an older band, set on reigniting tastes for heavy, catchy music.

“Rock’s not dead so much as dying,” says Dee. “People just need to make an effort to get out there and find these bands, ’cos they’re not up front any more.”

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