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Tr+ Extended Interview – Welcome Back: Queensrÿche

The prog-metallers have overcome feuds with their former singer to focus on the future – and new music.

The campaign for Queensrÿche, which in 2013 introduced lead singer Todd La Torre to the Seattle-based progressive metal band of the same name, was overshadowed by tales of on-stage spitting and even a knife stand-off in Brazil.

With the dispute between Queensrÿche and their former frontman Geoff Tate now resolved, and both factions unveiling new music (Tate’s group are known as Operation: Mindcrime) it’s time to leave the past behind. But forgiveness? That’s not on the menu, says guitarist Michael Wilton.

There was minor criticism of the band’s recent show in London, which was shorter than expected and saw the dropping of some fan favourite tunes.

Todd La Torre: I was just coming down from a really bad cold. Even now, I can’t get rid of it [some two weeks later he actually coughs and splutters all the way through this interview]. 

Michael Wilton: But the reality is that with three bands on the bill [Armored Saint and Death Angel also appeared] sometimes there’s no alternative but to cut things down.

Afterwards there was some speculation that the settlement between yourselves and Geoff Tate might limit how many tunes Queensrÿche can perform from the band’s watershed album, Operation: Mindcrime. In London we got just four of them.

Wilton: The agreement is that we can play no more than five or six tunes per evening, excluding segues and instrumentals. And that’s completely fine with us; we’re more about the band’s entire discography. 

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