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Welcome Back: Graveyard

Gothenburg's premier retro-rock export talk broken ribs in New Orleans and performing with Slash.

“Interviews are the part of being in a band I like the least,” says Graveyard singer/guitarist Joakim Nilsson. He’s not lying. The Swedish four-piece are men of few words. Thankfully, their fourth album, Innocence And Decadence, more than compensates for their lack of garrulousness.

It finds them expanding their cool, Sabbath-indebted retro-rock template to take in both classic 70s soul and the odd moment of death-metal blast-beat drumming. It has attracted the attention of Slash, who recently joined them on stage in Stockholm. “That was a combination of surreal and nerve-wracking,” says bassist Trüls Morck.


How did Slash’s guest appearance come about?

Trüls Morck: We were approached by Marshall, who we and Slash work with, to come and play at this thing they were having. Someone popped the idea that Slash should join us on stage, and he sent a message that he’d love to do it. He said preferred to do
AC/DC or Led Zeppelin, but that we could send him some options of songs we wanted to do. 

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