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Trivium's Silence In The Snow Track By Track: Part Two

Trivium talk us through the mid-section of their new album

Following on from our first instalment, Trivium's Matt Heafy and Corey Beaulieu talk us through the middle four tracks on new album Silence In The Snow.

In the video below, Matt reveals that his experiences with ghostly figures appearing in his room at night inspired The Ghost That's Haunting You, but it's also about not letting your fears hold you back from doing something great. In a similar vein, Until The World Goes Cold touches on the theme of sacrifice and knowing what you have to give up to achieve your end goal. Corey also tells the story of Pull Me From The Void coming together from two other songs, and that Rise Above The Tides' intro had in fact been around since 2010. 

Silence In The Snow is out now, via Roadrunner Records. Order your copy here.

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