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Trivium's Silence In The Snow Track By Track: Part Three

What do the final three tracks mean to Trivium?

In the third and final instalment of Trivium's track by track, Matt and Corey discuss the closing tracks to Silence In The Snow.

In the below video we learn about the stories behind the final three tracks on Trivium's new album, two of which have an overarching theme of fighting negativity and adversity. The Thing That's Killing Me "was about a person and I used the song as a negative outlet", reveals frontman Matt Heafy. Similarly Beneath The Flames is described of the most aggressive songs on the album and is directed toward a negative energy while getting in your face – or as Corey succinctly puts it "a kick in the balls."

Silence In The Snow is out now, via Roadrunner Records. Order your copy here.

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