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Coheed And Cambria's Sanchez Rediscovers Himself On Latest Album

Coheed And Cambria may be unleashing their first album without a concrete concept, but as it turns out, middle age, an identity crisis and the birth of a child provided enough inspiration.

It’s 4am in Brooklyn, New York and Coheed singer Claudio Sanchez is waiting for the sun to come up. While his wife and new son, Atlas, sleep quietly next door, Sanchez scribbles notes, listens to arrangements on his headphones, but mostly he just wants to throw back his head and sing. He looks out of the window of their small apartment and onto the street down to the park. The building is eerily still; the neighbourhood unmoving. A solitary car drifts by, turns a corner and is gone. Sanchez, stifling a yawn, grabs his jacket and goes. He takes a left outside his block, heads for Prospect Park and waits for the sun to come up.


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