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Jean Michel Jarre Discusses His Long-Awaited New Album

Teaming up with a veritable who’s who of electronic music both past and present, Jean Michel Jarre, the godfather of experimental electronica, is back with a new album titled Electronica1.

Jean Michel Jarre’s studio on the outskirts of Paris is a technophile’s paradise. A mixture of analogue and digital equipment, there are gadgets here dating back to the 1920s, including an early Theremin, a VCS3 Putney synthesizer as employed by Pink Floyd and Todd Rundgren, a modular Moog of the sort that Keith Emerson and Tangerine Dream would have used, and an original Fairlight CMI. Jarre is now officially the fourth musician to boast to your man from Prog that he owned the first ever such sampling device, the others being Trevor Horn, Lol Creme of 10cc, and Thomas Dolby.


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