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Global Metal: Anuryzm

From Lebanon to UAE, thrashers Anuryzm are proving that the Middle Eastern metal scene is steadily gaining momentum and gaining worldwide fans.

As bands such as Israel’s Orphaned Land and Iran’s Arsames have proven, the Middle East has become an increasingly visible territory within metal, being home to not only a small army of dedicated fans but also some first class bands.

With their new album All Is Not For All, progressive thrashers Anuryzm have proved themselves a definite highlight of this ever-growing legion, working alongside the likes of Nervecell to put both the United Arab Emirates and the Middle East on the metal map. Having formed in Lebanon and relocated to the UAE via Canada and Turkey, founder and lead guitarist John Bakhos is well placed to offer his thoughts on the benefits and pitfalls of playing in the region.

“You can easily get into deep thought while experiencing Lebanon’s natural aspects, be it the mountains, the sea or the forests,” he enthuses, “but I also had my share of difficult situations where we had to perform in small pubs with shitty sound and an audience literally standing next to you. In some cases, performances were halted as the authorities came in and started rounding up metalheads on suspicion of Satanism or drug use. So Lebanon is a great place to get inspired, but UAE is a much better place to actually make records and performances.”


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