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Hot New Band: Alfahanne

Alfahanne are recruiting for the Apocalypse.

Sweden’s dark metallic under- belly has been scratched once again, and the resultant ooze is blackened rebels Alfahanne, one of the gnarliest things to emerge from Sweden in ages.

Their new album, Blod Eld Alfa, is a thrillingly nihilistic squall that swaggers and spits in equal amounts, infused with the groove and swing of the best rock’n’roll but firmly tethered to Lucifer’s gatepost.

“This album is a mirror held up to rotten society and a journey into the dark, twisted mind of humanity and how it’s wrecking the world,” says guitarist Fredrik Sööberg. “Everything Alfahanne is about is a concept in itself. Fuck the world! That’s what we’re communicating. Hopefully we can bring back the danger and everything that is rotten and negative in rock’n’roll.”


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