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Hot New Band: Derange

Derange’s enlightened sound aims to make the world a happier place.

Nu metal’s world-conquering stint at the top may have horrified as many diehard metalheads as it enamoured, but the much-maligned subgenre’s influence can be clearly heard in a lot of the most exciting new music.

Thanks to a debut album that blends elegant melodies and rugged hooks with plenty of post-Tesseract crunch, London’s Derange are poised to become the new darlings of the tech-metal scene. But, as singer Cat Pereira explains, the spark that set their ambitions alight arrived wearing a backwards baseball cap.

“I’d just started my last year of my degree and was refreshing my playlist and listening to a lot of nu metal again,” she says. “Stuff like Limp Bizkit and Guano Apes, all the bands that really influenced my taste in music. I thought, ‘Why isn’t anyone doing this stuff anymore? It would be cool to do something like this...’ I contacted Joe [Macpherson, bass] and Nick [Crosby, guitar] and we went from there, recording demos. We released an EP, made the video for our song Echo and started getting some attention. Now here we are. But it’s that nu metal vibe that got us here!”


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