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Hot New Band: Evil Blizzard

Masked maniacs Evil Blizzard are mad, unpredictable and all about that bass.

They consist of a drummer who sings and four bass players, they wear masks that make them look totally ridiculous, and they sound dirtier than a televangelist’s web browsing history.

Welcome to the frankly bonkers world of Evil Blizzard – just don’t think they’re joking.

“There’s an element of Victorian music hall about what we’re doing,” explains Filthy, one of their bass players. “Even though it might be perceived as being comedic, or us being a little bit funny or not being serious about it, it’s very, very serious, what we’re doing. The fact that we’re dressing up as ridiculously as possible is mainly to get a response, and it allows us to behave in the most appalling ways possible and get away with it. It’s about putting on a show – almost like an old-fashioned British seaside town, there’s something tatty and a little bit sordid about what we’re doing.”


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