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30 Years Of Possessed's Seven Churches

Celebrating three decades of the seminal metal record

There are numerous bands and albums that keen observers of heavy music's evolution might cite as the true starting point for death metal, but there is really only one record that deserves such an accolade.

Possessed's debut album Seven Churches was released in October 1985, two years before Death's Scream Bloody Gore hit the racks and a full year before Slayer unleashed Reign In Blood. The mid-80s were a time of constant mutation in the metal scene: thanks to Metallica, Megadeth and their most notable peers, thrash metal was beginning to exert its global influence, becoming a serious commercial proposition in the process, but as is so often the case, the diehards of the metal underground were already plotting new ways to preserve the extremity and nefarious edge that had been so roundly mocked when Venom first took heaviness straight to hell.

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